Tutorial: Getting started with Arduino

Ideally get an Arduino UNO to follow along, but there are many alternatives and most work very similarly.

To actually buy your arduino and additional components in the Gauteng area I recommend Micro Robotics or Communica. Those outside of South Africa should probably look at sparkfun for ordering.

Download the software

From arduino.cc get the arduino software package. I recommend getting version 1.5 or newer. Unzip it when it is done.

Plugging in

Connect it with an usb cable, you probably have to use the square/mini/micro usb cable, whatever your arduino needs. The UNO takes the

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Geometry of particle physics

Found these talks by Garett Lisi fascinating. Here is the online rotation tool to see the model in the different rotations.

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Tutorial: Javascript mouse/keyboard for processing

This continues on the getting started with processingjs. If you dont know how to draw to screen yet go do that lesson first.

We'll use processingjs for drawing to screen in this tutorial, but you could also use three.js or just about any other web library. The way we get the keyboard/mouse events should be the same.

Listening for keydown events

Copy paste this into a html file. Make sure you have processing.min.js in the same folder. Open the page in your browser, you shouls see a gray background with a ball on it.

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Astrophotography: Moon

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